29 November 2007

Wednesday Review: Vik Muniz

Today's artist of the day is Vik Muniz. I encountered Vik Muniz's work last week when I was in Montreal with my wife. He had an exhibit at the Musée D'Art Contemporain De Montréal. It was a fascinating exhibit and it was one of the best art exhibits I had seen in quite a while. Quite frankly I had given up on representational artwork sometime ago. I felt that photography could handle that and that other visual artists should focus on other things. Well, Muniz has changed my mind. He does his work with nontraditional media and then takes a photograph, which is his final piece. One of my favorites is this piece made with sugar sprinkled over black construction paper.Most of his portfolio can be seen on his website. I also highly recommend watching the PBS documentary in the video section of his site.


Ian said...

We took a train through your neck of the woods (wonderful phrase, no?) on Sunday and I thought of you. Hope all is well. See you New Years?

Anonymous said...

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